Singapore is an Asian cocktail with its population coming from different Asian nations and thus resulting in a culturally enriched variety of epicurean delights to explore. As Singapore opens its arms wide for everyone who would like to be part of the nation and culturally enhance Singapore, international chefs from different corners have arrived to showcase their homeland’s cuisine. So, if you are a foodie, you can get to savor a diverse selection of food on your Singapore vacation.

However, when it comes to those who like vegetarian or vegan food, there is a misconception that it is not easy to get pure vegetarian options at most restaurants, cafes, and food stalls in Singapore. Tourists assume that the island offers fewer options like vegetable or fruit salads or sautéed vegetables leading them to miss out on the fun of getting an ambrosial food experience on their trip. But that’s FAR from the truth!

With lots of tourists turning to healthier options, converting to vegan or vegetarian, the choice of gastronomy in Singapore has molded over the years according to the growing demands. Also, its famous Singapore Food Festival organizes the food-enamored bonanza with an array of health and vegetarian dishes on the menu.

Here are some of our handpicked vegetarian restaurants in Singapore that offer more than just a bland salad or heaps of leaves.

Best-Rated Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore 

1. Original Sin

This popular award-winning restaurant in Singapore is well known for Mediterranean vegetarian cuisine. Set in Chip Bee Gardens in Holland village, the food is widely favored by vegetarians as the menu tempts you with inventive Mediterranean dishes with a superb blend of ingredients, flavors, and herbs. Combining friendly customer service with an appealing array of international cuisine, Orginal Sins delivers one of the best vegetarian menus in Singapore. Start your meal with fresh appetizers made from homemade loaves of bread, cheese topped up with veggies sautéed, pickled or roasted. Check out the vast range of Italian delicacies and some unique ones such as Vegetable Tandoori, Moussaka, and Spanakopita. Don’t forget to leave room for delicious tiramisu, Apple crumble, and rich, moist cakes.

2. Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant


Located in Quality Hotel Marlow at Balestier Road, Singapore, the restaurant provides a Chinese vegetarian menu using fresh produce and ingredients. Since it is one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Singapore which offers buffet services, the food is abundant with over 100 dishes on the menu. It’s time to challenge your appetite with a gourmet meal. The favorite among food lovers is its signature dish Taiwanese Dimsum, the steamboat buffet, and the Asian buffet which is quite a popular choice among diners who love to tuck into limitless Asian food.

3. Pollen Restaurant

pollen-restaurant-singaporeOne of the top waterfront restaurants in Singapore and a great way to cherish nature and healthy food, The Pollen is a restaurant set in the Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay. Having its own Mediterranean herb garden and fresh ingredients, the vegetarian cuisine option is exquisite and spectacularly appetizing. The dishes look like little pieces of art and the flavors are tempting. The vegetarian menu offers a fresh appeal and comprises a delectable range of smoked, grilled and roasted veggie combinations topped up with lip-smacking varieties of sweet treats all within the fantastic ambiance of Flower Dome and beautiful views of the Gardens by the Bay.

4. Whole Earth

whole-earth-singaporeA core Thai- Peranakan restaurant wholly devoted to catering eclectic vegetarian cuisine, the Whole Earth restaurant entices your taste buds with some of the freshest and most flavorsome dishes. A stimulating Asian epicurean venture, the food takes in both authentic Thai and South East Asian flavors. As Singapore’s first and only Thai-Peranakan restaurant, health food seekers and vegans have a great option of delicious dishes to choose from – right from the signature Peranakan dish- Assam Pedas and favorite among locals -Penang Redang.

5. Veggie Cottage

veggie cottage singaporeA beautiful comfy café set at 13 Dalhousie Road is a casual food spot where locals can revel in fresh, healthy, and value-for-money vegan and vegetarian food. The café uses organic produce and non-dairy and non-GMO ingredients to focus on the quality of the dishes catered. Fusing a serene ambiance with a superior choice of healthy food, visitors can look forward to having a hearty meal with a selection of western cuisines like Spaghetti Bolognese, avocado dip and chips, and local delicacies such as Nasi lemak.

6. Cafe Salivation


A haven for vegetarian travelers, this small café presents a plethora of vegetarian selections in pasta, salads, sandwiches, rice dishes, pizzas, and eggless mouthwatering desserts. With a constantly updated menu having an innovative luscious blend of Western, Mediterranean, and Indian cuisine, Café Salvation offers its guests a chance to dig into a hearty variation of organic, fresh cuisine.

7.Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

Craving some tasty vegetarian Indian dishes? Check out Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant where you can divulge over five hundred dishes on the menu specialized in North, South, and selected Asian food. One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, tourists flock to this two-storeyed brightly decored restaurant to try scrumptious mock versions of nonvegetarian dishes like Chicken rice, Butter Chicken, where meat is replaced by ingredients that match its texture and have you spellbound on flavors. You would not even realize this so-called nonvegetarian dish is made with pure veggies.

8. Pita Pan

pita-pan-singaporePita Pan takes you on an authentic vegetarian Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culinary ride at the swanky Marina Bay Sands arena. It is a must-visit place on your one-day itinerary in Singapore. This contemporary quick-serving restaurant with fabulous views of the Marina Bay Sands spoils you with a selection of homemade platter that consists of crispy falafels, wraps, soups, and an assortment of tangy spicy sauces and hummus, and 35 types of Middle Eastern salads. The restaurant offers a refreshing menu promoting healthy living by giving a contemporary twist to usual the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine.

9.Ananda Bhavan Restaurant

Ananda Bhavan RestaurantProudly deemed as the oldest Indian restaurant in Singapore, catering to the masses for the past 90 years, The Ananda Bhavan Restaurant has branched out in six zones across Singapore and aims to cater quality Indian food with rich flavors fusing traditional cultural cooking for its guests to enjoy. Serving a splendid palette of North Indian, South Indian, and Indo-Chinese cuisine, the food joint is a hotspot among locals and tourists alike. Dig into delicious Indian vegetarian treats, curries, rice specialties, and a variety of snacks and sweets, all prepared keeping the wellness of customers in mind and focusing on a balanced diet, taking care to use the best ingredients without any compromise on quality, service or taste.

Ready to dive into the best of Singapore’s vegetarian restaurants?

Singapore’s diverse culinary scene with an assortment of vegetarian restaurants provides an equally thrilling experience for vegetarians and health-conscious individuals, who similar to nonvegetarians, have endless options to choose from. With some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore focusing on healthy, nutrient-rich cuisine, the vegetarian restaurants in Singapore prove that gone are the days when being vegetarian means having boring, bland food. Moreover, by combining modern twists of flavors with simple vegetarian recipes, it has created a ravishing sensory experience much more appealing than its non-vegetarian counterparts, leaving visitors to enjoy a well-balanced healthy meal during their visit to Singapore.