Singapore is a city that never sleeps, where the fun is never ending and what essentially is redefining entertainment almost every day. Founded as a British trading colony not long ago, Singapore has set a benchmark for the world in terms of urbanization, expansion and tourism development. The city- state is practically on the list of every traveler. So if you’re also planning to strike off Singapore from your list and visit the city of glitz and glamour anytime soon, here is a list of exclusive safety information that may come in handy.

1.Bookmark these emergency numbers/ calls while visiting Singapore for the first time:

  • Fire/Ambulance: 995
  • Non-Emergency Ambulance Services: 1777
  • Police: 999
  • Police Hotline Numbers- 1800 255 0000
  • Traffic Police- 6547 0000

2.For any kind of medical emergencies, here are some important emergency numbers:

24 hour medical clinics:

  • Raffles Medical Clinics- 72 clinics all across the island – 6311 1111
  • Central 24hr clinic 7 clinics all across the island. (open even during public holidays)- 6387 6787
  • Life link 24hrs clinic and Surgery- 6281 3977
  • Trinity House call On call medical service all across the island, 24 hours- 8223 4999


  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital Pte Ltd- Singapore’s largest multi- disciplinary hospital- 24 hours’ hotline number- 6256 6011
  • Changi general Hospital Pte Ltd- Government hospital with 24 hours’ hotline- 6788 8833
  • Kk Women’s & Children’s Hospital Pte. Ltd. Specially for women and children with 24 hours’ hotline- 6225 5554

Ambulance on Call:

  • Non-Emergency Ambulance 1777
  • Bless well 6273 0147
  • Econ 6382 8888
  • Green Crescent 6788 8911
  • Civic Ambulance 6333 3000

3.General Assistance numbers:

  •  Drug & Poison Information Centre – 6423 9119
  • Flight Information – 1800 542 4422 / 6542 6988
  • Non-emergency Ambulance – 1777
  • Pet Ambulance and Transport – 6552 2222
  • Taxi (City Cab) – 6552 2222
  • Singapore Tourism Board- 6736 6622
  • Land Transport Authority (LTA) at 1800-2255582 (for taxi complaints)

4.Safety Tips to keep in mind for your trip in Singapore:

  • Essentially, Singapore is an extremely safe place to travel. It is highly unlikely that you’ll be mugged, looted, ripped off, or assaulted. The laws and regulations in the country is very strict. But as they say, you can never be too relaxed; Singapore is getting increasing number of cases for pick pocketing, so be careful with your money and important things while at a crowded place, specially malls.
  • Prostitution is an undeniable and legal part of Singapore. If you don’t want to be Mickied, it’s better to stay away from such places, specially during night. Mingling with unfamiliar Thai girls is not advisable during odd times, even for girls. Staying away from the orchard street will be a good idea if you’re not interested in the ‘naughty’ services.
  • If you’re looking for authentic massage parlors for genuine massage services and nothing else, make sure you go to the reputed ones only, as there are various fake massage parlors too.
  • If you’re a smoker and carrying a cigarette along with you. Make sure it’s not more than 1 packet and that too is opened. In case you have more packets unopened, you’ll be imposed a hefty fine. Singapore has strict laws towards selling cigarettes inside the country. Absolutely no smoking allowed in public buildings, government offices, MRT stations, bus interchanges, elevators, shopping centers, air-conditioned restaurants, taxis, buses & theatres.
  • In case of taking a taxi to reach your destination inside the Singapore city, ensure you are always charged by meter, and under no circumstances negotiate with the driver. According to the government, drivers are only supposed to take passengers by meter rates, and once the passenger boards in, they can’t refuse them. Also, nowadays everyone has a smartphone, so make sure you see the destination on the google map to check whether the taxi driver is taking the shortest route or not.
  • In a bizarre law, buying, importing or eating chewing gum is completely illegal in Singapore. If you accidentally bring it in, don’t ever chew or spit it in public. It can actually put you behind the bars or extract hefty fine.
  • While visiting the night safari, zoo and other such areas with animals, applying insect repellent is a wise idea, especially if you’re travelling with children. The place has lot of trees and wild insect inhabited areas, therefore, it’s always better to be safe.
  • Although, Singapore is largely a safe place to visit, but a few streets like Orchard towers, Geylang, Joo Chiat, and Balestier are some places that can be avoided especially at night, if you’re travelling with family.

Every city needs precaution. Whether you are on a package vacation or going as a backpacker, being cautious about your surroundings is the best way to avoid unpleasant happenings. Keeping in mind these safety tips can help you enjoy an enjoyable trip in the amazing city of Singapore. There are times when even after all your precautions, there are some unpleasant incidents that might happen in an unknown country, keeping the above numbers handy will help you get through any unpleasant situation easily.

your list and visit the city of glitz and glamour anytime soon, here is a list of exclusive safety information that may come in handy.