Sil Lim Tower

Rochor Canal Road in Singapore is home to Sim Lim Tower, a renowned shopping location for those in the market for electronics, gadgets, and IT supplies. You can buy anything from the latest smartphones and laptops to professional-grade photography gear and video game consoles at the many stores in the tower. It is no surprise that locals and visitors flock to Sim Lim Tower because of its abundant goods and reasonable costs.

When to Visit Sim Lim Tower

Weekend hours at Sim Lim Tower are the longest of the week. Shops within the tower are usually open from 10 am to 8 pm throughout the week and from 10 am to 9 pm on the weekends. The hours of operation for various stores may vary, so it is advisable to call ahead to confirm.

Public parking is available at Sim Lim Tower in the form of a sizable garage located below ground. There are lots of parking spots available in the lot, which is open from 7 am to 10 pm daily. It is recommended that you arrive early to the parking lot to ensure that you get a spot, as it might be crowded during rush hours.

There are a number of public parking facilities in the neighborhood, including a multi-level garage at the Rochor Centre.
In the many stores located in the Shops at Sim Lim Tower, one can find a vast assortment of goods and services.

  • Qisahn, a popular electronics store, sells a wide variety of products, from cell phones and computers to gaming consoles.
  • The Challenger is a popular electronics retailer carrying a large selection of gadgets like computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Computers, laptops, and other IT-related goods can be found at low prices and a wide selection in Funan, a popular shopping location.
  • Gain City, your one-stop-shop for home appliances, HVAC systems, and computer and electronic necessities.
  • SLR Revolution: Camera shop specializing in SLRs and related products; also carries a wide variety of lenses and other photographic accessories.
  • PC Store: A store that carries just computer parts and accessories.
  • You can get everything from motherboards to central processing units, video cards, and more at PC Themes.
  • Jintex Electronics is a well-known retailer of computers, mobile devices, and other electronic gadgets.

These are not the only stores in Sim Lim Tower; you can also find plenty of others there that sell anything from mobile phone accessories to computer peripherals and beyond.


ServicesShopping at Sim Lim Tower is convenient since there are many different stores to choose from and many different services available to customers. Among the most often requested ones are:
You may get your broken smartphone, computer, or camera fixed at one of the many stores in Sim Lim Tower. Shoppers in need of a computer for an interim period can take advantage of Sim Lim Tower’s selection of stores that rent out computers.
Software installation assistance is available at a wide variety of Sim Lim Tower stores.
Many of the stores in Sim Lim Tower provide warranty services, giving customers the confidence that their purchases are safeguarded.

Tourist attractions:

The Sim Lim Tower is a landmark in Singapore’s vibrant Little India commercial district, making it a must-place to visit In Singapore. There are several computer and electrical stores in the tower, making it a popular destination for individuals in the market for cutting-edge hardware. However, if you are interested in exploring the area around Sim Lim Tower, you will not just find great shops to collect Singapore souvenirs and hotels for relaxing.

The Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Kali, and it is one of the most revered and visited places in the area around Sim Lim Tower. The temple is a popular destination for both residents and tourists due to the beautiful carvings and vibrant decorations its features. Additionally, guests can observe religious rituals and ceremonies typical of the Hindu faith.

The Tekka Market, a lively street market, is another famous destination close to Sim Lim Tower, where visitors may soak in the colorful traditions of Little India. Fresh vegetables, spices, and textiles, as well as street food and traditional snacks, are just some of the items on sale at the market. At the market, sightseers may also purchase authentic regional artwork and souvenirs.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens are a wonderful place to escape the noise and chaos of the city. The beautiful gardens, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, are the perfect place to unwind after a busy schedule in the city. There are other gardens for guests to explore, such as the National Orchid Garden, the Rainforest Walk, and the Evolution Garden.

Places to stay:

Sim Lim Tower

There are a wide variety of accommodation options available in the area around Sim Lim Tower. The Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen is a popular option because of its convenient location near the tower. The hotel has a convenient on-site restaurant and bar in addition to clean, reasonably priced rooms.

The Hotel 81 Gold is a similar alternative, and it is also conveniently close to Sim Lim Tower. The hotel is near an MRT station, making it easy to get around Singapore, and the rooms are reasonably priced.


Sim Lim Tower is a fantastic spot to visit for anyone interested in cutting-edge electronics, but there are also many other interesting places and accommodations in the area. Travelers can take in the sights and sounds of Little India, worship at the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, and have a relaxing stroll around the Singapore Botanic Gardens. In addition, there are several reasonably priced and comfortable hotels in the area, so guests of Sim Lim Tower can easily use it as a home base while exploring Singapore.
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