Kiztopia Indoor Activity

One of the most sought-after travel destinations across the globe, Singapore, is becoming a travel favorite among the masses. The main reason for it could most probably be its ability to appeal to people of every age. Among everyone, children can be difficult to please, but Singapore indeed makes it look easy with attractions like S.E.A Aquarium and Universal Studios Singapore. Singapore has benefited greatly from the addition of Kiztopia. Children already adore it, making it one of their favorites.

It is a great place for your kids to play, have fun, learn and bond at Kiztopia Singapore. Children will be able to explore about 16 big play areas packed with games. At Kiztopia Singapore, kids can engage in role-playing games, virtual reality basketball, and other activities. There are multiple things to do at this 18,000-square-foot indoor playground within Marina Square. You will actually be able to see why Kiztopia Singapore is appropriately named during your visit there.

Opening Hours

Sun-Thu 10am-8pm
Fri and Sat- 10am-10pm

Reaching There

By Car: Take the ECP to Temasek Boulevard, then take Raffles Avenue to get to Raffles Link to get to Kiztopia @ Marina Square.

By Train: Take the Downtown Line of the metro or the East-West Line train route, and get off at City Hall station. Kiztopia @Marima Square is in fact a short walk away.

By Bus- Buses NR8, NR7, NR6, NR5, NR2, NR1, 961C, 960, 857, 700A, 531, 195A, 195, 171, 162M, 133, 111, 106, 97E, 97, 77, 75, 70M, 56, 36B, 36A, 36, 6N, 5N, 4N, 3N, 2N, and 1N can all be used for getting to Kiztopia.

Ideal Time to Visit

Singapore is one of the year-round travel destinations, but the best time to go is from December to June. The minimal rain, lowest humidity, & the most sunshine are all experienced in Singapore during the dry season, which lasts from February to April. However, these are also Singapore’s busiest months. Therefore, it is advised to avoid this time period altogether and go to Kiztopia @ Marina Square during January, May, and June. The earlier in the day you go to the playground, the much better in terms of time. Try to stay away during weekends and federal holidays.

Key Highlights

As Singapore’s largest indoor playground for children, Kiztopia offers families an unforgettable opportunity to “Play, Learn, Eat, and Bond.”

  • A welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere
  • Play areas that are specifically designed to support children’s overall development
  • Program lineups selected to encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Academic philosophy with a focus on development
  • Family-friendly activities that are fun and interesting
  • A setting that encourages “Play to Learn and Learn through Play”

Kiztopia Singapore Tickets

You can pick from an array of Kiztopia Singapore tickets depending on the experience you are looking for and the amount of time you have available.

  • Single Admission – X-press (an Hour): This ticket, which costs S$28, includes an hour of playtime and allows one child and one adult to enter the attraction only once. This ticket has a 60-day window for redemption after purchase.
  • Single Admission – X-tra (3 hours): This ticket includes everything as per the previous ticket as well as a 3-hour playtime. This ticket costs S$38 and comes with a 5% cashback offer.
  • 15x Admission Card – X-press (1 Hour): For S$298 you can purchase this ticket, which entitles you to fifteen 1-hour playtime passes. These passes are good for one year from the date of purchase.
  • You receive fifteen 3-hour playtime entry passes with the purchase of the 15x Admission Card X-press (3 hours) ticket. Each admission ticket is valid for one adult and one child. The price of this ticket is S$488.
  • Annual Pass – X-pert (Weekday only, excluding Public Holidays): This super pass allows you unlimited access to Kiztopia Singapore on weekdays & non-public holidays starting from the date of purchase. 1 child and 2 adults may enter with the use of this pass. The cost of this ticket is S$388.
  • The top pass offered at Kiztopia Singapore is the Annual Pass – X-treme (Any Day). You can visit here as many times as you would like with this ticket within a year of purchase. The cost of this ticket, which is good for 1 child and 2 adults, is S$588.

Things to do at Kiztopia Singapore


One of the most popular family-friendly locations where children can have fun and learn simultaneously is Kiztopia Singapore. It is housed in an 18,000-square-foot indoor area in Marina Square and offers a variety of engaging and exciting activities that can occupy and entertain your children for hours. Kids will have the chance to explore 16 immersive play areas here that are packed with games, slides, rides, obstacle courses, ball pits, augmented reality experiences, claw machines, a fake beach, and much more.

The Mojo Zone, which has numerous obstacle courses and fast slides, is where older kids can begin their adventure. Its huge banana floats provide additional variety. Other activities that almost all young visitors adore include the bounce house, Space Adventure, augmented reality games, and Cosmic Space. Another popular attraction is The Ninja Zone, which offers thrilling challenges like monkey bars, a wrecking ball, & a climbing wall covered in foam.

The younger children can have fun at Raby’s Pit, a very specially made zone having toddler-friendly mini-slides, a ball pit, and toys, while the older children are occupied exploring Kiztopia’s stimulating zones. They can also have a blast at Raby’s Mart, Bell’s Cuisine, or Tina’s Snip, which pretends play areas. Kids of all ages can showcase their drawing abilities on the AR wall, which is ideal for them. Allow your children to take a brief mini-train ride in Chug Eli Zone if they like trains. Your kids will undoubtedly seek out food and drink after exhausting sessions of adventures & activities.

Bell’s Pantry & Kith, two on-site cafes at Kiztopia, offer a variety of mouthwatering, freshly made-to-order treats, including noodles, pasta, sandwiches, and more. Additionally, Kiztopia has two party stations—Starlite and Star Brite—where you can host family reunions and birthday parties for your children. Another draw for children is the gift shop, where they can buy stationary or plush versions of the Kiztopia mascot.

In short, Kiztopia is a wonderful hub for kids to interact, have fun, learn, and grow

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