Singapore, today a magnificent country with glorious history, was once ravaged by war and poverty. This island country is the perfect example of a country rising out of the ashes like a glorious phoenix. Singapore is now one of the most prosperous countries in the world. But this nation was not built overnight. It took a hard work, determination, and the coming together of many cultures and immigrants. Singapore is a melting pot of various cultures that are now an integral part of the country. Each culture has a sacred place in the country. Tourists should explore such places, as they give you an intimate view of the amazing cultures that are an important part of Singapore.

1.Experience the Chinese Culture in Chinatown


The largest ethnic group in Singapore is the Chinese. Most of the Chinese population live in the Chinatown in the Outram district. This beautiful region is one of the most important sites in Singapore. Though not completely Chinese, the architecture prevalent here is a fusion of Chinese and Victorian architecture, and imbibes a lot of colour. Many Singapore tours have Chinatown as a stop, so tourist can see the culture, colourful buildings, and of course, do some shopping. It is a fabulous place to do bargain shopping. There are also many national heritage sites that are frequented by tourists. So, if you are visiting Singapore, Chinatown should be on your itinerary, as it is the best way to explore one of Singapore’s oldest cultures.

2.Celebrate Indian Culture in Little India

Singapore has a large population of Indians, especially South Indians. They are referred to as Tekka. Singapore, just like India, was colonized, and many Indians were transferred from their native land to Singapore. However, post independence, they decided to stay here, and now are an integral part of Singapore. Little India is located on the east side of the Singapore river, close to Chinatown. This region is known for the spicy, delicious Indian food, and the unique and colourful articles India is famous for. This is another important tour stop, as tourists love eating food and shopping here. The area is colourful and lit up in bright lights in the evening. It always looks like it is festival time.

3.Live Malaysian at Kampong Glam

Singapore’s neighbour, Malaysia, also a huge influence on the country. Malaysians have been present here long before the country was colonized. The Kampong Glam was an area where the elite Malaysians stayed. But in the later part of the 1900’s, more people came from Sumatra and Indonesia. Islam is the prevalent religion here, and the area is know for Muslim festivals. In fact, Sultan Mosque, Singapore’s most famous mosque, is located here. It is a great place to explore Malaysian culture.

Singapore has many cultures like Eurasians, Europeans, Americans, etc. They all have blended well into this wonderful country, and are one of the reasons why Singapore is a great nation. So, if you are planning a Singaporean holiday, these wonderful places and cultures are an absolute must.