Art Science Museum Singapore

Art Science Museum is a construction marvel in Singapore. A historical center, exemplary and a point of social interest situated within the Marina Bay Sands resort in the Downtown Core of the Central Area in Singapore. The world’s first Art Science exhibition hall opened to the public in February 2011.

Everything about the iconic Art Science Museum Singapore

1.Artistic Design & Architecture:

Designed by Moshe Safdie, the museum is a striking lotus-inspired building. It features nearly 21 gallery spaces over 50,000 square feet area.  The museum has displayed exhibitions by world’s best-known artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh and M.C. Escher. Different aspects of science were also displayed through various exhibitions hosted here. For example, particle physics, paleontology, marine biology, cosmology and space exploration and big data have been a part of the recurring exhibits.

The Art science museum also boasts of iconic design architecture. The museum’s structure symbolizes the ten fingers which indicate the welcoming hand of Singapore. Each finger-tip filters in natural light to illuminate the dramatically curved interior walls and showcase the exhibits in the best light. This museum has partnered with renowned museums and galleries from around the world to promote the different exhibitions over time. The museum produces several in-house presentations. The Museum runs a full programme of education, events, performances, screenings and learning opportunities for a wide range of audiences, adults and children alike.

Marina Bay Sands own and runs the architectural marvel that is the ArtScience Museum with more than 50 employees working directly and supported by more staff within the resort. The museum is both inviting to the eye as well as fascinating to the mind. This Museum, with its unique lotus-shaped design,  is a well-thought symbol to represent wholehearted welcome for tourists pouring in from all around the world. The Museum hosts every year several international touring exhibitions and collections from around the world. A place of great interest, the ArtScience Museum has something to offer for both children and adults. It provides an opportunity to explore and learn links between art and science.


2.Commuting & Timings:

Reaching the museum is quite easy. A ten minutes’ walk from Bayfront MRT Station, the gallery is impossible to miss. One can find it on the bay side walkway of the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The museum is open daily between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm, including public holidays. The last entry is admitted till 6:00 pm.

3.Interesting Facts:

Along the Marina Bay waterfront, one can find the ArtScience Museum. It is a breathing and living embodiment of the ArtScience theme with future, past and presents interacting knowledgeably. The Museum matches all tastes and across all age groups. People from different backgrounds and race are fascinated by the artifacts and exhibits on display.

The vast museum is in fact made up of three buildings: the lotus flower gallery spaces, a glassed entrance hall, and a lower-level comprising exhibition spaces. The ArtScience Museum is unique as it defies the basic description and provides you with more than average museum-going experience. The building is a modern artwork in architecture and construction. It resembles a lotus flower with separate sections as fingertips and displays exhibits in the petals. While short on lengthy descriptions of hard science, many parts of the museum are more interactive as well as child-friendly.

A few things to know before you visit to make the experience enriching. For starters,  the innovative roof of the museum. The Museum has a roof that directs rainwater through the center or the central atrium of the building which creates a 35-meter water drop making it look like a reflecting pool. The rain is then recycled for use in the building and has used materials such as Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP), for the construction of this architectural wonder. The sight is spectacular and breathtaking to watch.


Inside the museum. The exhibitions in here are permanent and split into several galleries that are based on different themes and ideas. On entry, visitors may enter different levels for different experiences. For example,

  • The  “Curiosity” is via a floating staircase. Here one can find scrawled on the walls the questions on how art and science interact and their relationship between them.  Within this section information on the engineering, aspects are demonstrated along with showcasing of the beauty of the creation of the ArtScience building.
  • Then comes the second permanent exhibition section, the “Inspiration” gallery.  The Inspiration gallery which is also a multimedia room displays ultra-modern exhibits through multimedia. Its focused on objects, six to be precise,  that has helped shape the world today. The works include Leonardo Da Vinci’s flying machine, which is an exemplary work of art forethought scientific concept.
  • The third and last permanent exhibition is “Expression,” displays objects and artifacts that attest to the artistic and scientific accomplishments of humankind through cinematic representation. The Expression gallery showcases a few of the significant achievements in both science and art, including outcomes like buildings, flights, robots, and maps.


The Museum also boasts of several touring exhibitions since the opening in 2011. Some of the mysterious artifacts exhibited include that from the Titanic, numerous items from Harry Potter, dedicated art recognizing artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali. With such varied exhibits, the ArtScience museum makes it an entertaining permanent space. The Museum in itself is an excellent journey of knowledge discovery and learning for both children and adults.

The Museum is a great place to expect the Future World where art meets science exhibition. The amount of creativity displayed is breath-taking and mesmerizing. One can spend a whole day learning a lot about history and science from the different era including the future.

It’s a world full of surprises, and a place to be amazed and one cannot be disappointed after visiting the ArtScience Museum. It is a futuristic world where art comes in contact and syncs with science. An excellent way to explore and get inspired.