Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world, but there is plenty of opportunities in this small city-state to explore the best of Mother Nature. The sophisticated modern hub of Singapore boasts of several jungle trekking trails that can set your exploration skills to test. Discover and unwind the offerings of nature through these top adventurous jungle trekking trails in Singapore.

Best Hiking Trails in Singapore in Nature’s Lap

1.Chestnut Nature Park


Not only is this the biggest nature park in Singapore, but it also has three trekking trails that run through the entire park; two on the Northern section and one through the Southern section of the park. For people looking to run through beautiful rainforests and gorgeous water sources, then the northern trails are something that would excite you more. You will also come across several ancient kampong structures on your path. The Southern trail features a lot of geological formations in its way. A treat for the archaeologists and history buffs.

2.Fort Canning Park


The trekking trail in the Fort Canning Park has a special place in the history of Singapore. The park has featured in many historical milestones in the country in different eras. There are several old structures where Malayan kings resided during the colonization era. Today, it functions as a modern event space and also a rural setup where the history lovers would have a great time.

3.St. John’s Island


You may be a bit surprised to see this on this list. But this is a favorite trekking spot for both locals and tourists alike. A government initiative from the conservation group NParks started a 1.6 km guided trail that highlights the uniqueness of St. John’s Island. During low tide, visitors can enter the lagoon and get a close encounter with the exotic marine life. An exceptional experience that would be cherished lifelong in your memory lane.

4.Dairy Farm Nature Park


Can easily feature in one of the most rugged and rigid natural trails in Singapore. Savor Mother nature’s offering at its very best as you set to explore the Dairy Farm, Nature Park. Repurposed as a wetland habitat that features abundant flora, fauna, and plenty of animal species. You will not be able to get enough of it no matter how many times you set to explore the natural beauty of this lush green park.

5.Coney Island

Coney Island

A pristine Island located on the borders of the Singapore mainland. Mother Nature incredibly blesses one of the inhabited and untouched areas in the region, Coney Island with beautiful rainforests and a blooming and blossoming environment all through the year. Spend a day through this urban jungle trekking trail featuring five beaches and offbeat routes. We guarantee you will be touched by the incredible beauty; you witness along your path. The gorgeous landscapes on offer make this space a real gem from all corners.

6.Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve


The first reserve in Singapore that was declared as an ASEAN Heritage Park. A protected area that features several animal species from the common ones to the endangered ones as well in their natural habitat. The area is decorated with mangroves, rainforests, mud lands, and ponds. There is plenty to explore on the trekking trail as you dig deep into the heart of this Wetland Reserve.

7.Kranji Marshes


A weekend getaway where you are greeted with the vibrant chirping of birds as you come across areas of marshes and grassy lands. Get a deeper insight into the beautiful landscape of Singapore and the biodiversity in existence as you set for exploring this beautiful region. A free guided tour by the conservation group NParks gives you a rare opportunity to witness or participate in the Evening Chorus at Kranji Marshes. These tours help you observe the regions that are not accessible to public otherwise.

8.Southern Ridges


A 10 km trekking trail where you will run across several landmark parks of Singapore like Mount Faber Park, Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Park, Labrador Nature Reserve, and HortPark. The area is blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna that catches the attention of visitors and tourists almost instantly. Get a glimpse of the panoramic view of the city from the top or at the end of the 10km trail. Do not miss out on visiting the Henderson Waves structure that is en route to Telok Blangah from Mount Faber.

9.Macritchie TreeTop Walk

Macritchie TreeTop Walk

A treetop bridge placed 25 meters above the lush green environment of Mac Ritchie Reservoir. Enjoy panoramic views of the Singapore city from the treetop bridge. Surrounded by thick rainforests from all corners gives a cooling hike experience through this suspended bridge. Do watch out for the mischievous monkeys who are experts in stealing stuff from the visitors.

10.Green Rail Corridor

Green Rail Corridor

The blossoming nature elements have occupied an old railway track that is unused for years. A trekking trail lasting 24 km extends all the way to Woodlands Checkpoint from the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. The region between the Upper Bukit Timah Road and Chua Chu Kang Road glows post-sunset; a sight to watch.

Hiking is considered a leisure activity for the Singaporean population as well for the tourists. People do avoid it at times considering the hot and humid weather, but the discoveries you get along the path is worth every drop of sweat. These natural jungle trails give you unlimited access to explore the best of Mother Nature.