Souvenir Singapore

Singapore is a global metropolis and one of Southeast Asia’s most fantastic tourist destinations. The city is brimming with lush gardens, lip-smacking food, thriving wildlife, serene islands, and myriad attractions that beckon travelers from all over the world. It also consists of a multi-ethnic community found in the assortment of products available at the stores and markets. Your Singapore holiday cannot be only about sightseeing and food. It needs to include a shopping trip to buy the best souvenirs and local products to carry back home. Here are some of the most wonderful things that will make for beautiful keepsakes or gifts for your dear ones.

Best Souvenirs to Buy in Singapore

Merlion Souvenirs

Merlion is the official mascot of Singapore. This iconic structure is a mythical creature with the upper half representing a lion and the lower half defining a fish. It pays tribute to Singapore’s past name as Singapura and its origin as a fishing village. You can buy a variety of souvenirs like key chains, bottle openers, ashtrays, refrigerator magnets, and miniatures of Merlion. They not only make an excellent addition to your homes but are also cute gifts to carry for friends and family.

Local snacks

Singapore has plenty of local snacks that are not available anywhere else in the world. You can buy durian-flavored candies, white rabbit candies, salted egg fish skin, TWG Tea, bak-kwa chocolates, pandan cake, and more to enjoy once you are back home.


Orchids are the national flower of Singapore that has an impeccable and delicate fragrance. Orchid-infused perfumes are available everywhere in Singapore and make for an amazing gift or souvenir to take back home. They have an awesome collection of perfumes for both men and women, and you can select the notes based on your preferences.

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling was created at Raffles Hotel Long Bar by a bartender in the 1930s. Today it is a national drink and is very popular worldwide. It originally was a concoction of orange juice, lime juice, cherry brandy pineapple juice, and gin. However, today several recipes of this famous cocktail are available for you to select from, and it is undoubtedly a great gift for your loved ones.

Kaya Coconut Jam

The traditional breakfast of the Singaporeans consists of Kaya Toast with soft-boiled eggs. This trendy dish has become accessible to everyone and is available in all stores across the nation. Kaya jam is made from coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and pandan leaves and is also used as a topping for several desserts and cakes due to its incredible taste. Pamper your tastebuds with this delicious spread, and we promise you will not regret it.


Bak-Kwa is a kind of dried roast pork with a good mix of sweet and savory taste. Also known as BBQ sliced pork or beef, it is grilled over charcoal that gives it a smoky flavor and is a popular snack among the locals. Early Chinese immigrants introduced it to Singaporeans, but it is widely eaten throughout the island city today. It is also traditionally gifted to family and friends at festivals like Chinese New Year.

Tiger Balm products

The Tiger Balm’s business was started by Aw Chu Kin- a Chinese herbalist. It is a popular home remedy for different types of muscle pain and body aches. Originating from the early ancient court of Chinese emperors, it was expanded to Singapore and eventually became famous globally for its instant effect in reducing pain. The products are available in most stores in the city, and it is a miracle product to keep at home for minor aches.

Gold-plated Orchids

There cannot be a better luxury gift for your loved one. Gold Plated Orchids are real national flowers plated in 24K gold and made into stunning jewelry pieces such as pens, brooches, pendants, etc. They are also a fabulous option for formal corporate events. It is one of the most exquisite souvenirs, though a little expensive but indeed something you must indulge in.

Tiger Beer

Tiger Beer is the winner of more than 40 international awards and accolades. This local alcoholic brew is one of the top-rated Asian brands sold in many countries around the world. Tiger Beer is available in coffee shops, supermarkets, and small marts and makes for the perfect souvenir to take back home.

Laksa Paste

Another edible gift to pick up in Singapore is the extremely lip-smacking Laksa paste. It is a perfect fusion of Malay and Chinese styles of cooking. This traditional Peranakan noodle soup is made of laksa leaves, lemongrass, prawn paste, and coconut milk. This laksa soup is available in frozen form and is sold as a ready-to-cook paste for easy transportation.


Singapore is a treasure-trove of beautiful products, and you must surely keep a lot of space in your suitcase to carry these unique products when you leave the country.