Considering the small size of Singapore, you will truly be amazed checking out the green reserve housed here. There are over 300 parks and 4 nature reserves which feature on the list of green spaces in Singapore. There is a range of recreational activities in the parks which the tourists and visitors can indulge in apart from enjoying the lush-green atmosphere in town. The manicured lawns of Garden by the Bay and the beautiful Botanical Gardens are some of the most popular attractions in Singapore, there are plenty of other lush green spaces which truly deserve your attention.

Escape from the bustles of the Singapore city and explore the best nature has to offer at these lush-green environments for some tranquility and inner peace. Below listed are the top 4 nature reserves in Singapore which you should definitely consider exploring.

1. MacRitchie Reservoir Park and MacRitchie Nature Trail

Placed along the largest water reservoir in Singapore, the MacRitchie Reservoir, this is the oldest reservoir in Singapore which was declared a historic site by the National Parks Board in the year 2002. This lush green park in central Singapore boasts of more than a square kilometer of forests and 19th-century rubber tree plantation encompassing the reservoir. One of the main attractions of the reservoir is the Treetop Walk that is a 250-meter long suspension bridge above the tall trees in the forest which connects the two highest points, Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang in MacRitchie. You will be in awe witnessing the beautiful scenery from the top of the suspension bridge.

The 11km pathway MacRitchie Nature Trail is in the tropical rainforest of Central Catchment Nature Reserve. A shorter 3 km nature trail cuts through the rainforests which connect the Singapore Island Country Club and the MacRitchie Reservoir Park. Visitors can enjoy a host of activities such as canoeing, fishing, kayaking at the reservoir. There are orientation courses conducted before indulging in the water sports activities. Also, kayaks and canoes available for rent at a nominal fee. The long-tailed macaque monkeys, flying lemurs, monitor lizards, owls, etc. are some of the animals you will come across as you pass through the nature trail. The MacRitchie Natural Trail is closed every Monday.

2. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve


Placed along central Singapore’s Hindhede Drive, the Bukit Nature Reserve houses more than 40% of Singapore’s Flora and Fauna featuring seraya trees, furry critters, and the Singapore freshwater crab, the colugo, and the alien-looking pangolin, and much more. Spread over a land area of 400 acres, this is one of the oldest and largest forest reserves in Singapore. Even though a majority of Singapore’s rainforest was cut down for timber, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve continues to still flourish due to its protected status.

Deriving its name from the Bukit Timah, the tallest hill in Singapore, this nature reserve is quite popular among hikers and nature lovers. There are several hiking trails leading to the top of the Bukit Timah that are rated as easy, moderate or difficult. Enjoy enchanting views of the Upper Peirce Reservoir and its neighboring areas from the top of the hill. Tourists and visitors have the option to opt for adventurous activities such as mountain biking and rock climbing at the reserve.

3. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve


This is Singapore’s first ASEAN Heritage Park and only protected wetland Nature Park which is known for its unique habitat for migratory birds, crustaceans, reptiles, and wetland vegetation. A true bird watcher’s paradise, you can probably spot everything from grey herons to yellow bitterns to Stork-billed kingfishers and much more. The months between Septembers to March offers the perfect environment for these migratory birds to visit the reserve. You can even explore animals of the land from the observation posts around the park. Spotting species such as mud lobsters, the Malayan water monitor lizard, water snakes, salt water crocodile, and tree-climbing crabs would be familiar sight here.

A true delight for the nature lovers as this 87-hectare historic ecological site offers a world-class eco-tourism experience which was discovered by a group of birdwatchers from the Malayan Nature Society in the year 1986. We would recommend you to indulge in free guided tours and participate in activities such as art classes, prawn farming demo which would keep you engaged throughout the day. The park is open daily all days of the week from 7:30 am to 7 pm, this ecological gem gives you the much-deserved bout of fresh air.

4. Labrador Nature Reserve


One of the popular parks which are interconnected via a 9km stretch of open spaces such as the Southern Ridges. Some of the key popular features of this reserve include rocky shores, mangroves, parkland, mudflats, and a coastal forest along with Adinandra Belukar. The reserve houses close to 70 kinds of birds, 11 species of butterflies along with several tree species. This reserve has also played a part in the military history of Singapore. The World War II fort and a series of secret passages beneath the reserve that were built by the British regime to support the network on land. This is also a popular reserve for fitness and health fanatics along with a jogging track. Enjoy a scenic route.

You can rush in any time of the year as it is open for 24 hours and explore the three significant sections of the Labrador Nature Reserve namely the Berlayer Creek mangrove trail, the Alexandra Garden Trail, and the Bukit Chermin Boardwalk. Discover the incredible wildlife diversity as you indulge in the Labrador Nature Reserve’s ecological wildlife diversity. There is also a 10 km stretch of green lands features open spaces such as Telok Blangah Hill Park, Kent Ridge Park, and the Mount Faber Park.